3d Solution Stores

Welcome to 3d-solution-store.de

Pro3D Solutions is a business venture run by Uwe Könneker acting in the segments 3D scan and 3D printing. The business venture fully supplies the manufacturing process – from the creation of the three-dimensional scan up to the printout of the scanned data. Furthermore, it organizes the direct dispatch to the customer. The foundation of a 3D solution store GmbH is designated which concentrates on the production of consumable items such as spectacle frames as well as the manufacturing of product particles and spare parts for model making. But the possibilities of the technological process are widely spread and may also applied to other business areas.

We set high demands on ourselves, the standards of our production procedures and the quality of our products. In addition, our business is always on the lookout for optimizing its own business processes and production procedures to become more efficient.

The Special Characteristics of the 3D Solution Stores

The company has chosen a creative sales technique. It develops for every product line so-called solution stores, i.e. typically unique e-commerce web shops. These shops are handed over to specialists in the corresponding area who will then take care of the sale of the products offered. Moreover, these specialist partners are familiar with the target market and can compile their own product portfolio.

Both the production of the items needed and the maintenance of the website of the solution store is carried out by us – the store operator solely needs to provide the data needed to create the website content. Administrative tasks, the printout of the products needed and the shipping is organised centrally by us. In addition, we provide rarely needed special support for example in the area of 3D scanning, computer aided design (CAD), translations or anything alike.

ICN Scanner, Figurines

The 3D Solution Stores are constantly in search of new fields of application of the forward-looking 3D-technology and has already many ideas for new solution stores. Nonetheless, we look forward to you contributing further areas of use for the technology. Should you have a good idea or if you want a particular article created in 3D, please contact us. We are also regularly new field to apply our 3D ICN Scanner technology or our ECO-system around figurines and avatars.