ICN 3D Scan

We have developed an own solution for 3D scanning, which has distinct unique selling prepositions (USP) compared to other currently available solutions. We offer a much higher degree of robustness, scaleability and of course the capability to scan color. Patents are pending. Based on this innovative Soft- and Hardware the solution-stores offer a person scanner and an object scanner. The object scanner can reproduce single persons, groups and animals (up to the size of an elephant). The object scanner offers color capability as well, but is limited to 40cm object size.

The system is designed around our innovative Intelligent Camera Nodes (ICN, trademark pending). It comes in two flavors:

  • An ICN Object scanner for small objects. This scanner is optimized for still objects.
  • An ICN Person scanner. This one can scan persons, groups or animals in three dimensions.

The ICN Personen Scanner is also available in a waterproof version (IP66), thus allowing outdoor-scans of animals (e.g. 3D prints of horses).