We offer a broad portfolio of services which focus on the set-up and maintenance of the websites belonging to the affiliated Solution Stores.  Thereby it becomes an option that even those who do not dispose of any IT knowledge get the opportunity to take over a Solution Store – and thus the sale of products that have been produced via the 3D scan and 3D printing procedure we are offering.  A major advantage for our franchisees.
Moreover, we take over the entire production, i.e. the printing and shipping of the products ordered as well as the processing of eventually incurring reclamations.  The franchisees are not burdened with daily business.
To the end consumer, we offer a large number of different 3D-parts.  Due to the highly flexible production process even small niche markets can be filled – delivering a product quality standard in the industry.  This approach concentrates on the individualisation of mass production.

Regular Services
With the absorption of a Solution Store, the franchisees receive a modern e-commerce shop developed on the basis of the latest technology.  But time is fast moving so that we additionally offer a high-quality actualisation service for the website of the Solution Stores.  In technical terms, this encompasses the regular maintenance of the e-commerce shops and the installation of security updates.
With an eye to business results, the aim lies in the transformation of content adaptions respectively supplements as well as the creation of new content e.g. if new products are added to the portfolio.  At this point, the shop operator himself is in demand as he has to deliver the (technical) data needed to create a qualified product presentation which is afterwards used to market it via internet.  When editing the content, we see to it that the regulations of online marketing is adhered to.
With regard to the production process, we offer good-priced frame services for the creation of 3D-scans.  Consequently, the Solution Stores might even have produced unique prints.

Services of Choice
We offer various additional services to the managers of a Solution Stores that can be booked at owners’ expense.  Such services contain the translation of the web content into English and/or French as well as the provision of additional writing services.